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Effective & Affordable A/C Filters

Please ask yourself, does your family sneeze often?  Is there a lot of dust in your home? Do you have an irregular sized A/C filter? Are you paying to much for your A/C filters?

Better A/C Filters offers affordable, custom, handmade, hospital-grade A/C filters for every type of residential and commercial HVAC system.

From small to large, our high-quality A/C filters will keep your A/C clean, air ducts spotless, air quality high, and your home healthy.  We supply a wide range of A/C filters and frames in any custom size.  This creates the ideal product for your home. Whether you need a brand new A/C filter or just want to order a refill set we have you covered.

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About Us

Since 2001, Better A/C Filters has been providing custom, handmade A/C filters from our location in Florida. Our A\C filters were tested in a hospital environment, for 18 years before putting them on the market for sale. You can rest easy knowing you will never find a higher quality product anywhere else.

Since 2001, we have instituted a 90 day money back guarantee.  If you still are not convinced, consider the fact that no one has ever used our 90-day money-back guarantee, ever!

As a faith-based company, we take great pride in offering both a superior product and exceptional customer service and pride ourselves in forstering long term relationships with every client.

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